Our current tax system is overly complex and favours the rich and the trans-national corporations at the expense of ordinary residents. Below are the issues that contribute to this situation:



The ASP will introduce a single Debit Tax at a flat rate of 1% - that will replace all current taxes (e.g. personal income taxation, company tax, GST) except for Customs and Excise Duties. This Debit Tax will be applied equally to everyone without exception.


The Debit Tax will operate as follows:

  • No tax is paid on the receipt of any money.
  • A flat tax of 1% is paid on all payments made.

2012-asp-budgetA common question we receive is: "Will the Debit Tax generate all the revenue required by government?" At a rate of only 1%, the Debit Tax will generate a budget surplus of $235 billion (on government expenditure of $377 billion). The full details of this calculation are provided here.

Customs and Excise Duties will be retained, and then adjusted to reverse the outflow of jobs from Australia to countries that use slave labour and destroy their environment. The outsourcing of production has only benefited trans-national corporations that have no loyalty to any country. "Free trade" is not "fair trade".


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